Диск балансировочный Prosource Balance Disk

Диск балансировочный Prosource Balance Disk, фото
Диск балансировочный Prosource Balance Disk, фото 1
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Краткое описание
Shake up your standard workout with the Core Balance Disc from ProSource, designed to activate your core muscle and improve overall strength and balance. The inflatable stability disc is dual-textured for a non-slip grip, and provides an uneven surface that challenges your body in new ways.
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Полное описание

The ProSource Core Balance Disc is a small but useful tool to help train your core, tone muscle, and improve your posture. The unstable surface requires your body to engage all of your core muscles, resulting in better balance and overall strength. The inflation amount can be adjusted for less or greater sturdiness, depending on your workout need, and the non-slip grip surface prevents slipping. Comes with a pump, making it easy to inflate and deflate.

Great for stability and balance training exercises

Strengthens the abdominal, builds core muscles, and improves posture

Dual-textured surface ensures non-slip grip

Comes with a pump to easily inflate and deflate

Dimensions:  диаметр 35,5 см, высота 8 см

14”D x 3”H (5" max.) 


Measurements: диаметр 35,5 см, высота 8 см

14" diameter, 3" height (5" max.)

Weight: 2.2 lb

Material: PVC

Care: Wash with warm water and a very mild household detergent. Never use harsh chemicals on this product.

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